SERC Seed Grant Funding Announced

The SERC Management Team has released the solicitation for Seed Grant funding for FY2016. Complete information is available on the flyer, which may be freely shared and posted.

The Ohio State University Subsurface Energy Resource Center (SERC) was established to advance and disseminate our understanding of energy from underground sources and the intertwined environmental and socioeconomic issues. The current pace and scope of subsurface energy development require an integrated research approach to encourage the safe and sustainable harvesting and usage of subsurface resources.

In order to promote and facilitate cross-disciplinary research and collaboration at OSU, SERC is seeking applications from OSU faculty and research staff for seed grant funding.  The total expected budget is $30,000 for FY2016, from which we will seek to fund a few proposals that are expected to leverage the SERC Seed Grants into a high return to the university.  Some example metrics for this return include the development of online courses, publication of review papers that establish avenues for future research, submission of proposals for competitive funding sources, and funding obtained from proposals that were generated in part from seed funds.  Proposals that demonstrate cross-campus integration and have a diversity of departmental and institutional affiliations will be evaluated highly. Cost share is not required, but it will be considered in the applications.

Proposals should be submitted to Mike Kositzke ( by April 15, 2016. The SERC Management Team will review proposals and make their decision by mid-May. The body of the proposal should be no longer than four pages including the narrative, figures, references and a budget. The proposal should include a title, team members and their affiliations, project summary, background, proposed work, expected outcomes and two page CVs of the PIs.  For proposals to receive serious consideration, they must demonstrate a clear relevance to subsurface energy in areas such as technological advances, environmental impacts and/or socio-economic issues. The funding is for one year and requires a mid-term and final report. The final report should detail the success of the project and outline the next steps to be taken that leverage the SERC funds for any follow-on effort. Questions pertaining to this solicitation should be directed to Prof. David Cole, Interim Director, SERC (