OSU faculty members are dedicated to research and analysis related to the challenges and opportunities, economic, legal and policy-oriented, arising from susbsurface energy projects. Their analyses will serve as the most informative sources for guidance in policy changes.

Robert E. Burns, research specialist for the Ohio State Center for Energy, Sustainability, and the Environment, has 33 years of experience in multiple aspects of natural resource policy and public utility analysis. He focuses on discerning and identifying regulatory policies that lead to efficient and effective regulation of natural gas exploration, transportation, distribution and sale at state, national and international levels. As part of the Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership, Burns worked on regulatory and legal problems associated with geologic, underground injection wells in the context of carbon capture and storage and geologic carbon sequestration. Contact: burns.7@osu.edu

Sathya Gopalakrishnan is an assistant professor in agriculture, environmental, and development economics. Her areas of concern are non-market valuation, bioeconomics, and coupled models of human-natural systems, particularly focusing on coastal systems. Contact: gopalakrishnan.27@osu.edu

Tim Haab, chair of of the Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics. He is currently advising the state of Florida on pollution damages resulting from BP's spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Contact: haab.1@osu.edu

Peggy Hall, director of the Agricultural and Rural Law Program, focuses on civil liability for agriculture; rural zoning law; legal issues for animal agriculture; farmland protection; water and drainage law; and legal issues at the rural-urban fringe. Contact: hall.673@osu.edu

H. Allen Klaiber, assistant professor in agricultural, environmental and development economics, focuses his research on understanding the economic drivers and impacts of rural/urban development and land use change with a particular interest in understanding how these changes impact the environment and people's perceptions of those impacts. Currently he is involved in a USDA funded study of regional water issues related to Marcellus Shale drilling activity. Contact: klaiber.16@osu.edu

Beth-Anne Schuelke-Leech assistant professor in the Glenn School of Public Affairs researches the role of public and private funding in innovation and policy, in the areas of energy, science and technology, and engineering. She is a professional engineer with experience in the automotive and energy industries. She has also been looking at the impact of financial and economic development policies on local government finances. Contact: shuelke-leech.1@osu.edu

Doug Southgate, professor in agricultural, environmental and development economics, is an economist who specializes in natural resource development. He has studied petroleum development in South America and is currently contributing to an assessment of the impacts on Ohio’s economy of extracting fossil fuels from shale formations in the state. Southgate is the Co-Director of the Subsurface Energy Research Center. Contact: southgate.1@osu.edu

Anne Willow, assistant professor of anthropology, is based out of OSU Marion Campus. She is a cultural anthropologist who has conducted enthnographic research on the cultural and political dimensions of indigenous responses to logging in the boreal forest. She is currently investigating the socio-cultural contexts and consequences of natural gas development in Ohio. Contact: willow.1@osu.edu